Hyde Park is coming into its own

To the Editor:

There are so many reasons to visit Hyde Park. The excitement on 53rd Street is intoxicating; retail stores, people young and old, fine dining and much more. Who would have thought? In 2001, I opened my law practice in the Hyde Park Bank building; I have seen the ups and downs of my business and others. While there was always traffic in the bank; there was always something missing. The revitalization is exactly what was needed. Simply stated, it’s good for business and it’s good for the community.

One of my daily rituals, during my lunch hour, is to walk around the community. Recently, I did just that, and this time there was energy like never before. I saw long lines to get into a few restaurants, people enjoying the new Starbucks and browsing through the different shops.

I am a Hyde Parker and I work in my community. A community rich in diversity, and compassionate about our convictions. It is a choice I made and I am glad I stayed around to see all that it has become and I can’t wait to see the finished product.

Arnold Toole