Looking for improved ward services

To the Editor:

My name is Larry A. Green, and I am a new resident to Hyde Park. I must say that it is hard for me to understand the love affair that Hyde Parkers have with their current alderman, Will Burns. The ward does a terrible job with snow removal on the side streets – as was evident on Kimbark Avenue and 52nd Street left untouched by snow plows for days. It took me three calls to the alderman’s office and two to the 4th Ward Streets and Sanitation office before finally, on Wednesday Jan. 8, after Sunday’s snow fall, a plow came through. If this was the 1400 block of North Dearborn, I would not have to write this letter. I urge others to let the alderman know that this has to change or maybe the rising star of Alderman Burns needs not shine so brightly.

Larry A. Green