Deadline to run for CPS local school council approaching

Staff Writer

The deadline to apply to run in the Chicago Public Schools local school council (LSC) election is 3 p.m., Wednesday, Feb. 26.

Parent and community members who are interested in running for the LSC must complete an original Candidate Nomination Form, a Criminal Conviction Disclosure Form, and a Telephone Number Disclosure Form, along with bringing two pieces of identification to the principal’s office at the school where the candidate is running or to the Office of Local School Council Relations, 5th Floor, 125 S. Clark Street, by 3 p.m., Feb. 19. All forms are available in the main office of the local school or at the Office of Local School Council Relations.

The LSC is an elected group, made up of six parents, two teachers, one non-teaching staff representative, two representatives from the community where the school is located and the principal. The LSC members serve two-year terms.

The primary responsibilities of LSCs include approving how funds and resources are allocated, developing and monitoring the annual school improvement plan and evaluating and monitoring the school’s principal.

The school principal is automatically a member of the LSC. Parent representatives and community representatives are elected by the parents and community members or appointed by the local school council. Teacher representatives, non-teaching staff representatives and high school student representatives are appointed by the Board of Education following a preference poll of their peers at the schools.

Parents are eligible for seats on the LSC of the school their children attend, as are members of each school’s community and the teachers and non-teaching staff from the school. LSC members cannot be employees of Chicago Public Schools nor can relatives of the principal be eligible to serve on the LSC of that principal’s school.

The 2014 LSC election will be held on Spring Report Card Pick-Up Day, Monday, April 7.