Public theologian to discuss carbon tax at First Unitarian

Staff Writer

A public theologian will discuss carbon taxes this weekend at First Unitarian Church, 5650 S. Woodlawn Ave.

Chicagoland-based Rev. Terry Gallagher, a minister in the United Church of Christ and former engineer and chemical plant manager, will present the talk at 11:30 a.m. this Sunday, February 23, entitled “Climate Change and Carbon Tax: A Liberal Answer that Conservatives Can Love.”

“From a business side, it never made any sense to us that there’s no external cost that’s associated with fossil fuels,” Gallagher said. “There’s an absolute cost that we pay as a society, but the fossil fuels are able to be marketed without those costs included. So those external costs are what we’re trying to broach by having a carbon tax.”

Gallagher, who received a Doctor of Ministry degree at the Chicago Theological Seminary, 1407 E. 60th St., after more than three decades in business, is a member of the Sierra Club and Citizens Climate Lobby. He says he first became passionate about environmental issues while on a trip with a Christian delegation to Columbia, where he learned on a tour about how mines. “I can’t look at my grandkids and not do this work.”

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