Help our schools — run for an LSC spot

To the Editor:

Elections for the local school councils (LSC) — a governing body of public schools consisting of the principal, two teachers, one non-teaching staff, six parents, two community representatives and, high schools, one student —are drawing near. The application deadline is March 14th and the elections are April 7 and April 8. We need a concerted effort to canvass the schools that do not have an organized LSC in Hyde Park-Kenwood.

There are three reading levels: independent, instructional and frustration. Our students are typically tested on frustration level. This is why it looks as though the parent, teacher, student, schools, faith-based organizations and education stakeholders are failing. We will never know our students’ full potential unless we are testing them on the instructional level as the frustration level means the student is not comprehending. Take a book your child loves to read, then Google Fry Readability Graph to understand how to find your child’s independent reading level. The instructional level is a level above that, and the frustration level is a level above the instructional level where a teacher must teach beyond the call of duty to differentiate instruction on the student’s instructional level that is not necessarily the grade level. Let your child’s teacher know the independent reading level of your child.

I encourage all of the 40,000 plus residents of Hyde Park-Kenwood to get involved. If you question what is going on in your child’s education the LSC is the place to be. LSCs are your opportunity to leave your life experience with the future generation. The deadline is March 14 — elections April 7 elementary and April 8 high school — and you can become an important part of a child’s education — again! See your child’s school clerk today!

Patricia Breckenridge