The Great Frame Up is going strong

To the Editor:

After 13 years, Mr. Mark Jelke the owner of The Great Frame Up on 53rd Street is still in business and doing better than ever.

Mr. Jelke’s store, The Great Frame Up has however made a slight change in location. He is now on 53rd St. between Dunkin Donuts and Papa John’s pizza stores. Mr. Jelke has been swamped with orders to mat and frame works of all types all winter in spite of the frigid weather this year.

“We get everything from valuable family photos to valuable works of art here,” says Mr. Jelke (himself an accomplished artist).

Art historian Ms. Leslie, Ms. Jessie (who was once an artist with NASA) and life drawing artist Mr. Mykel are The Great Frame Up’s brilliant framing artisans, and do the best of work.

K. Xavier Zehir