Days numbered for Harper greystones

Staff Writer

The three greystone buildings on the 5100 block of South Harper Avenue will be demolished once the ground thaws.

Antheus Capital purchased the three greystone buildings in 2008 with the intention to renovate and rent them as apartments. Antheus spokesman Peter Cassel told the 53rd Street Tax Increment Financing Advisory Council last fall that there was no financially solvent way to renovate the buildings.

The three buildings were originally constructed in the 1880s and Antheus plans to demolish them to make way for additional parking for City Hyde Park, a Jeanne Gang-designed building that will put 10,000 square feet of retail and 182 apartments on the site of the former Village Shopping Center. Demolition for City Hyde Park is complete.

Preservationists have called for the buildings to be renovated into housing because the property is adjoined to Paul Cornell’s, the founder of Hyde Park, and because their architecture merits preservation.