Local tutors invite you to a party

To the Editor:

Strive has always been proud to call Hyde Park-Kenwood home. As a truly community-initiated organization, we have been providing free academic and mentoring support to children in our neighborhood since before our 1990 incorporation as a 501(c)3 nonprofit. Strive’s students, volunteers, board members and staff all have Hyde Park-Kenwood roots. And this is why we are so excited about our spring benefit’s return to the neighborhood.

In the spirit of reciprocity, Strive delights at being a stable source of pride to our neighborhood. Times are exciting for our program, as we’re in a period of growth. Student enrollment and volunteer participation is greater than it’s been in many years, and our program is in high demand with an ever-growing wait list. Our students arrive with enthusiasm, and our volunteer base is eager to contribute in innovative ways.

Of course, successful growth only happens within a community of support. We invite you to support our work by joining us at our spring benefit, which will be held at Hyde Park Bank on the evening of Saturday, April 5. Event and program details are available on our website, strivetutoring.org; Facebook page, facebook.com/StriveHyde Park, or by calling our office at 773-268-4910. We are also happy to accept tax-deductible contributions in any amount. Every dollar helps.

Thank you to all of our contributors for allowing the lives of children right here in Hyde Park-Kenwood to be touched by Strive’s meaningful and lasting work.

Angela Paranjape, Executive Director