Canter site could help Kenwood

To the Editor:

No one likes school closures. Make no mistake, they are disruptive, and that has certainly been the case in Hyde Park. Many Hyde Park and Kenwood residents, parents and elected officials opposed the closure of Miriam G. Canter Elementary School last year. In spite of ardent community opposition, the Chicago Board of Education phased out the school.

We now face the question about what to do with the Canter building. I believe the solution is to relocate the Kenwood Academy Academic Center to Canter. Currently the Academic Center has 264 students enrolled and Canter’s ideal capacity is 390 students. Moving the Academic Center to Canter will give the Academic Center room to grow, while freeing up space for Kenwood to grow, as well.

In the upcoming weeks I will be working closely with parents, community organizations and Kenwood Academy to put together a plan for this relocation.

I’m looking forward to a productive, meaningful collaboration so we can reach an outcome that best serves the futures of our community’s students.

Ald. Will Burns (4th)