Bring Star Wars museum to Hyde Park

To the Editor:

After reading the recent article and the editorial in the Sun Times relating to locating the Lucas Museum in Chicago, I believe it would be a great idea.

I suggest that the committee should consider the property located just west of Stony Island Avenue between 59th Street, 60th Street and the Metra railroad tracks. The property is an extension of Jackson Park and is seldom utilized by anyone and is frequently flooded. I believe it is approximately 120,000 in square footage.

If the amount of land is not of sufficient size there is additional land just south of 60th Street between Stony Island Avenue and the Metra railroad tracks that could be utilized. This land is currently owned by the University of Chicago and is being utilized as a parking lot and green space.

This location is very close to the Museum of Science and Industry, and the new University of Chicago Lab School and can easily be reached via Lake Shore Drive and the Metra system. The 59th Street Metra station is scheduled for a major upgrade in the near future.

The Lucas Museum and the Museum of Science and Industry would compliment each other by their close proximity.

Michael W. Hoke