New bike lanes planned for Stony Island

Staff Writer

The City announced in early April that the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) will install 20 miles of bike lanes through the summer, including a stretch along Stony Island Avenue between 56th and 63rd streets.

The federally funded Stony Island Avenue lanes will not be barrier protected and will instead feature painted buffers from curbside parking and traffic, according to an e-mail from CDOT spokesperson Peter Scales.

Scales added that lanes along the affected stretch of Stony Island will remain, except for between 59th and 60th streets, where there are currently two lanes in each direction, where one on each side will be eliminated.

“The benefits of the new cross section for that one block is that there will be a consistent number of lanes throughout the corridor, and left turning motorists will now have a dedicated lane and will not block the through lanes,” he said.

Scales said that the purpose of the bike lanes is to improve access to and from Jackson Park, and that CDOT will be exploring ways to connect the lanes with recently proposed protected lanes between 67th and 77th streets.


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