The vicissitudes of modern living

To the Editor:

We write regarding our sense of frustration with the ATT/Dex “neighborhood” telephone directory for the Hyde Park and Bronzeville communities. In previous years, it was a convenient and vital resource for subscribers to use for finding local residential telephone numbers and addresses. Like a small town directory, it gave us the advantage of larger print, an antidote for the almost microscopic type used in the Chicago city residential directory.

Sadly, as of August, 2013, the most useful feature was eliminated in an apparent economic move. We realize that some people no longer use landlines, but there are still many of us who do. Now, all of the residential listing are stripped, making the directory strictly one for business and professional listings. The book is therefore much less useful. This is a disservice to many of us, especially seniors, who can barely make out the words in the city directory.

We call on the Herald, community organizations and fellow citizens to protest this development and let ATT and Dex know before the next edition about our concern. We hope the next directory will be more useful to all of us.

Charles and Joan Staples