University of Chicago hires new deans for college and Graham School

Staff Writer

The University of Chicago appointed two new deans last week.

John “Jay” Ellison will replace Susan Art as dean of the College. Mark Nemec will succeed Dan Shannon as dean of the Graham School of Continuing Liberal and Professional Studies.

Ellison has previously worked as an administrator at Harvard. Art had previously come under fire for mishandling a student’s sexual assault report. The university’s response to the student’s complaint led to the Federal Department of Education investigating the school for violations to Title IX.

Ellison’s career has included focus on curriculum, student residential life, crisis intervention and recovery, health services and academic progress.

He earned his doctorate at Harvard with a speciality in ancient languages and field experience in Syria.

Nemec has a political science background and has worked as a business leader and expert on higher education.

He has used data analysis to help large, global institutions, including universities, operate more effectively. He is currently president and chief executive officer of Eduventures, a Boston-based IT company.