Anyone else worried about our robins?

To the Editor:

In the past three months, my observations of the state of nature have brought about a profound sense of alarm and concern about the possible precipitous decline in the population of our beloved avian songster, our once-abundant robins. Very few of them seem to have made it back here this year, I have not heard or seen them or their beautiful songs at dawn or in the evenings. I maybe see two or three a day. Sadly, I have not heard more than five robin songs since March. Perhaps they are disspirited. Something traumatic must have happened, be it disease, habitat loss, pesticides, or, perhaps the severe and unprecedented winter cold that penetrated south to the Gulf of Mexico.

What puzzles me is that I have not heard anyone talk about this. I have not read anything in the media, or noted any comments about this elsewhere. The cardinals seem to have fared better. Their sounds are more often heard now than those of robins. Has anyone else noticed this, or are there explanations for this apparent situation?

Charles G. Staples