Slim chance of Currie contest

Staff Writer

State representative Barbara Flynn Currie (D-25) is one step closer to running unopposed this fall.

The Chicago GOP filed its final five of 13 candidates running in this year’s general election on June 2, a list that included no challenger for the 25th District.

“We can’t slate anybody after this,” said party Vice Chairman Chris Cleveland. The deadline for established parties to file candidate vacancies was June 2, but new parties and independent candidates have until June 23.

“One-hundred-and-fifty people across the city applied to be candidates and we reduced the list down to a handful, the ones who we felt were the best qualified,” Cleveland said, adding the Chicago GOP didn’t file candidates in districts where they felt applicants fell below their standards.

If Currie runs unopposed in this year’s election, she is guaranteed to win her 19th term since she began serving in the House in 1979.