Hyde Parker applies for advisory council at Harold Washington Playlot Park

Staff Writer

Hyde Parker Timika Hoffman-Zoller has applied to form a new advisory council for Harold Washington Playlot Park, which will host its first meeting on July 7 at the field house at Nichols Park, 1355 E. 53rd St.

Hoffman-Zoller, who is currently president of the Elm Park Advisory Council, was inspired by a recent dialogue on the Good Neighbors Google Group about the state of disrepair in the playlot at the park at 5200 S. Hyde Park Blvd.

“I did not know it was in that kind of shape,” Hoffman-Zoller said. So she applied to the Chicago Park District (CPD) last Wednesday to form an advisory council.

“I really want to help provide park visitors in the neighborhood with a safe and inviting, beautifully maintained park,” Hoffman-Zoller said. “And I think that the advisory council can do that.”

Hoffman-Zoller expects that the council will focus on the park’s playlot, tennis courts and motorboat pond. Hoffman-Zoller says board elections will be its first matter of business and that candidates will nominate themselves at the group’s inaugural meeting.

Hoffman-Zoller is credited by many for resurrecting Elm Park, which was, until recent cleanup and programming efforts, essentially moribund.

Although Hoffman-Zoller says she will most likely remain on the Elm Park Advisory Council — precluding her from on serving on the board of Harold Washington Playlot Park’s new council — she intends to be a member.

“I really hope that people come out,” Hoffman-Zoller said.