Long-awaited restaurant and concert hall Promontory hosts grand opening today

Staff Writer

Promontory, the new restaurant and music venue from Empty Bottle owner Bruce Finkelman, will open today.

Promontory, located inside the old Borders building at 53rd Street and Lake Park Avenue, will have a 300-seat capacity restaurant on the first floor and a 600 standing-room music venue on the second floor.

As of Herald press time Finkelman declined to release the names of the first bands that will play at the venue.

“Promontory will exist in the family of Empty Bottle but it resides in the community of Hyde Park,” Finkelman said. “So although there will be an eclectic group of international, national and touring bands, there will be a lot of things that will be Hyde Park specific.”

The restaurant will feature food Finkelman describes as “modern hearth table cooking.”

The first floor restaurant has a brick hearth at its center. Chef Jared Wentworth, who previously worked at the Michelin-starred Longman & Eagle, designed a menu broken into cold, fast, embers and historic sections that focus “on the authenticity of the ingredients’ flavors and how they mix with the unique cooking space,” the venue said in a statement.

Drinks, including beer, wine and cocktails, will have “a comprehensive yet restrained offering affectionately referred to as ‘Just Good Drinks.’”

Promontory will host a variety of musicians without limiting genres. It will also host indoor farmers markets, pop-up craft fairs and literary events, and act as a community center, Finkelman said.