A good deed recounted

To the Editor:

Neighborliness and good deeds did not pass away with your great-grandmother. They still exist, right here in Hyde Park.

On Monday, July 21, a day of oppressive heat and humidity and terrible air quality, a delightful young woman named Sharon Carver looked up from her desk and noticed a senior citizen out on the sidewalk, huffing and puffing, trying to push an electric scooter with no power.

Carver ran out and asked if she could be of any assistance. The scooter only needed to be pushed two more blocks to home. Carver called back into her office and said she would be gone for a couple of minutes and then began to help pushing. The scooter was contrary — one person was needed to push, the other to steer.

After about 25 feet, Carver ordered the senior citizen to sit in the scooter and steer, and she pushed both the scooter and the senior citizen all the way home, despite the heat and poor air quality.

Sharon Carver deserves a Good Neighbor Medal as well as a bucket of thanks. She reflects well on her upbringing. Her family and friends can be proud of her.

Thank you Sharon.

Sue Terranova