Hyde Park Historical Society to host oral history program

Herald Intern

The Hyde Park Historical Society (HPHS) will host their fifth annual “Hyde Park-Kenwood Stories” program on Aug. 17, from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. at Montgomery Place, 5550 S. Shore Drive. This is the event’s third year being held at Montgomery Place.

“Hyde Park-Kenwood Stories,” which is recorded for the HPHS video archives, asks community members to speak about their experiences in the neighborhood. This year’s program will focus on the parks, centered around the theme, “The Parks of Hyde Park and Kenwood, Large and Small.”

Participants are encouraged to discuss their personal experiences with the parks and the history of the parks themselves. This may cover anything from Jackson Park’s development to Chicago’s 2016 Summer Olympics bid in Washington Park.

“We are letting all of the park advisory council committees know about this, because we want to have people who have been involved with the history of the parks and their development,” said Kathy Huff, co-chair of HPHS’s Oral History Committee with Lala Rodgers. “But also anybody who’s used the parks, so that opens it up to the whole community.”

This is the third year that the program has had a theme.

“There’s just so many stories that some people want to tell,” Huff said. “Some of the same people will turn out, because they’ve been active in several different organizations, but we’re trying to broaden that a little bit, with the parks. There are younger folks getting involved in the parks.”

The Oral History Committee asks that participants RSVP by Aug. 15, by calling Lala Rodgers at 773-401-0474 or sending an e-mail to hporalhistory@gmail.com.