Murray elementary teachers tackle science education

Staff Writer

Five Murray Elementary School teachers recently participated in the Golden Apple Inquiry Science Institute (ISI) learning program. The weeklong training introduced methods on how to teach science using an inquiry-based approach.

Teachers Keniesha Charleston (1st grade), LuAnn Lawson (2nd), Lorelei Nadel (3rd) Angelica Alvarado (3rd) and Arleta Ingram (7th-8th science), attended the training, which took place at the Museum of Science and Industry, 5700 S. Lake Shore Drive, and are expected to implement what they learned in the classroom and share the resources and strategies they learned with their colleagues.

“Our science team was energized by the exceptional presentations and investigations,” Lawson said. “We’re very enthusiastic about returning to Murray and engaging our students through inquiry science.”

Murray, 5335 S. Kenwood Ave., is one of 17 Chicago Public Schools that is participating in the current ISI cohort. The five teachers will also attend three follow-up sessions during the school year to supplement what they learned in the summer and receive additional support from a Golden Apple Coach. The following summer the five teachers will attend a second weeklong workshop titled “Advanced Inquiry.”

The Golden Apple Foundation offers professional development workshops and seminars to teachers at all stages of their career and is known for its Golden Apple Award for Excellence in Teaching. In order to help teachers and students prepare for the Common Core State Standards the foundation’s Inquiry Science Institute offers training on Next Generation Science Standards. The program includes integration of Common Core English language arts and math, as well as engineering practices.