Vue53 site reflects disregard for residents

To the Editor:

As a Hyde Park resident of over 20 years, I am appalled with the lack of concern that the University of Chicago has shown for the safety of children and others about the property that they own and endorse for the Vue53 luxury apartments development.

I documented through a photo on Aug. 9 the total disregard for Hyde Park residents — especially children on land owned by the University of Chicago — in this case, by leaving a gate open and not attended across from Murray School and playground and Nichols Park. This will have a negative impact on the kids, especially those who are students at Murray School as well as any kid that will have to negotiate the increased traffic on 53rd Street.

I am also concerned about the loss of private local businesses that the university is pushing out in favor of national chains. I am very concerned about the gentrification of our neighborhood by this development that View53 cites as luxury apartments on its own sign!

I vow to continue to fight these issues no matter what happens with regard to this horrible plan. And think about it, this horrible building, as proposed, is 13 stories tall and longer than a football field — the Merchandise Mart of 53rd Street.

I want to congratulate Michael Scott and his colleagues for their continuing legal proceedings to limit the size of this obnoxious building.

Ed Rock Sehr