Hyde Parker asking for increased accessibility as City prepares to revamp 55th Street

Staff Writer

At least one Hyde Parker is already making recommendations for the City’s planned long-term makeover of 55th Street.

George Rumsey said he sent the Chicago Department of Transportation an e-mail last week calling attention to the nine recommendations made in the Hyde Park Disabilities Task Force’s 2012 report on 55th Street accessibility. They included, among others, a call for additional warning mats and a widening of the sidewalk on the south end of Nichols Park.

“This is CDOT we’re talking about, so we’re not expecting anything to happen overnight,” Rumsey said. “But as long as it gets put into its budgeting schedule and can be addressed sooner rather than later, we’ll be very, very happy.”

Hyde Parkers suggested more than 40 improvements at the Oct. 6 meeting where the concept for 55th Streetscape Masterplan was unveiled.

A second meeting on the plan has not been called yet, but CDOT project manager Janet Attarian said last month that one could come as early as this holiday season.

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