Vegan eatery B’Gabs Goodies opens in new Hyde Park location

Elvia Itubre prepares a meal at B'Gabs Goodies' new location at 1450 E. 57th St. -Spencer Bibbs
Elvia Itubre prepares a meal at B’Gabs Goodies’ new location at 1450 E. 57th St.

-Spencer Bibbs

Staff Writer

Vegan restaurant restaurant B’Gabs Goodies opened its new location on 57th Street Thursday.

B’Gabs’ new space at 1450 E. 57th St. has remained unoccupied since its previous tenant, Caffe Florian, closed in August 2010. The restaurant’s former Woodlawn location at 6100 S. Blackstone Ave. closed on Oct. 18, according to owner Gabrielle Darvassy, who said she began moving later that month.

“Hopefully we bring over the energy that we had from there,” Darvassy said.

Like the Florian before it, B’Gab’s new space has a kitchen in front and a dining area in the back. The restaurant has seating for 53 people — most at four-person tables — and one large table that accommodates around ten patrons, according to Darvassy.

B’Gabs is for now selling only raw fare, but will begin cooking some of its food by the new year, Darvassy said. And for the first time B’Gabs will sell coffee, which Darvassy said she will make the “cleanest way” she can: cold brewed.

But all of the restaurant’s food will stay soy-free and gluten free.

“Many vegan places still use a tremendous amount of soy, a tremendous amount of gluten – but I won’t compromise that standard,” Darvassy said.

In addition to its culinary offerings, the new store will sell assorted teas, spices and specialty hygiene products, such as aluminum-free deodorant and chloride-free toothpaste. Customers will also be able to purchase herbs, oils and capsules to make their own supplements.

Darvassy said she expects more customers to frequent her new store, which unlike her old one isn’t tucked away on a dead-end street. But that’s not necessarily better, according to her.

“Business here will be different. We will have more people who walk through here just by the nature of our location,” she said. “But I don’t want to do better or worse. It’s irrelevant.”