U. of C. announces new law school dean

Staff Writer

Thomas J. Miles has been chosen as the new dean of the University of Chicago Law School. Miles succeeds Michael H. Schill, who recently became president of the University of Oregon.

Miles has served on the law school faculty since 2005. His new appointment as dean begins November 1.

“Tom is like that mild-mannered reporter for a great metropolitan newspaper,” said Martha Nussbaum, Ernst Freud Distinguished Service Professor of Law and Ethics on the law school faculty and member of the search committee tasked with appointing a new dean. “When he puts on his cape, he flies out to fight a never-ending battle for truth, justice –and the University of Chicago Law School. He will be a terrific dean.”

Miles said he is excited and humbled to serve as dean of the law school.

“The Law School is my intellectual home,” Miles said. “In addition to my personal connections as a faculty member and a graduate, my scholarship is steeped in ideas that were developed here. The continuation and extension of the law school’s leadership in legal thought and education have a particular personal importance to me.”

Miles received his PhD in economics from the University of Chicago in 2000. He received his JD cum laude from Harvard Law School. Miles’ personal research often focuses on criminal justice and judicial behavior as it relates to race. In 2008, Miles published an article through the New York University School of Law that explored discrepancies in how African-American and white judges decided on voting rights cases. This research shed light on the importance of racial diversity amongst judicial officers.