Irma Pickens

pickensIrma Pickens, a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ, began her eternal rest Thursday, October 29, 2015.  She is best known as “The mastermind behind the Pickens Family!”

Pickens met her husband of 56 years, jazz pianist Willie Pickens, when she was an aspiring vocalist. Willie Pickens moved to Hyde Park in 1958 from Milwaukee as a musician educator on his way to New York. They married November 1, 1959. She loved Hyde Park and they reared their three children here. Pickens was a homemaker and active in the community.

Pickens is survived by her husband Willie; three children, Kiron, David (Nan) and Bethany; grandchildren, Olivia and Selden and a host of family and friends. Services will take place in Spring 2016. In lieu of flowers please send a donation to the Hyde Park Neighborhood Club at