U. of C. IOP Winter Fellows

Staff Writer

The Institute of Politics at the University of Chicago recently announced the list of Fellows for the upcoming Winter quarter who will participate in public forums and lead off-the-record seminars.

Four of the six Fellows are veteran political strategists while two of them are journalists.

The Fellows are as follows:

Alex Castellanos, a Republican political strategist who has worked on five U.S. presidential campaigns.

Patti Solis Doyle, a Democratic political strategist who has worked both in the Clinton and Obama administrations.

Stuart Stevens, a Republican political strategist who worked on George W. Bush’s and Mitt Romney’s presidential campaigns.

Joe Trippi, a Democratic political strategist who worked on Howard Dean’s 2004 presidential run and Jerry Brown’s 2010 bid for California governor.

Juliet Macur, a sports columnist for The New York Times.

Wajeh Abuzarefah, a Palestinian journalists for NBC News based Gaza.
When the Fellows arrive on campus this January, the 2016 presidential race will be in full swing.

“During this election year, these Fellows will call on their wealth experience to bring unique insights to the race,” said IOP director David Axelrod. “Rest assured, our students will relish the chance to hear from this All-Star collection of political strategists as the Republican and Democratic presidential primaries kick off in earnest.”

To find out more about the IOP Fellowship Program, visit politics.uchicago.edu/pages/fellows-program.