New Hyde Park dog walking service has track app

LeAnna Quartuccio, owner of Hyde Park Bark dog walking service, takes a client’s dog, Gwen, 13, to the Hyde Park Animal Hospital for a check up. Photo courtesy of Hyde Bark
LeAnna Quartuccio, owner of Hyde Bark Dog Walking , takes a client’s dog, Gwen, 13, to the Hyde Park Animal Hospital for a check up.

Photo courtesy of Hyde Bark


Herald Intern

On Oct. 1, a new business opened up in Hyde Park called Hyde Bark Dog Walking. The service uses an app called Pet Check Technology™ to enhance efficiency and clients’ peace of mind.

LeAnna Quartuccio, owner of Hyde Bark Dog Walking, 5445 S. Harper Ave., said she always dreamed of having a dog walking business.

Quartuccio began her career as a dog walker for Chicago Dog Walkers on the North Side. She took a hiatus from dog walking when she had her son in 2009. She and her husband Brandon Elkins decided to raise their son in Hyde Park.

“I remember the day we walked into our first apartment,” Quartuccio said. “We knew instantly that this was where we wanted to be.”

Once their son was old enough to start going to school, Quartuccio began saving and buying the necessities to start her own dog walking business. She also hired a few other dog walkers who live in the area.

“Hyde Park is a community where you can recognize your neighbors and their pets,” Quartuccio said. “I knew from the very beginning that I wanted to focus solely on Hyde Park and the immediate surrounding South Side communities and that I wanted all of my walkers to be from the South Side as well.”

Quartuccio was very particular when choosing her dog walking team, all Hyde Bark Dog Walking walkers must have previous pet care experience, and must have taken internationally accredited courses in various fields of animal care, such as animal psychology and animal training.

“It is so important to me that our walkers love the dogs as much as I do,” Quartuccio said. “Dogs can tell who loves them and who does not.”

One of the main concerns of pet owners is if the walker really walks their dogs. To alleviate their worries Hyde Bark Dog Walking uses an app called Pet Check Technology™, which allows owners to see where and for how long their dogs were walked.

“It offers GPS-tracking on all of our walks so our customers always have that extra assurance that their pets are being taken care of when and for how long we say they are,” Quartuccio said.

Pet owners can also use the app to schedule walks, pay for the services their dog received, add veterinarian information and see pictures and read summaries of what happened during their dogs’ walk each day.

Sita Roa, owner of Carrie, a Tibetan terrier, said she likes Hyde Bark Dog Walking because the service is local and because of Quartuccio’s profesional manner.

“She has a wonderful way with people and obviously with dogs,” Roa said.