Kids take part in spring break activities at HPNC

Sports Writer

The Hyde Park Neighborhood Club hosted its first spring break camp for kids in Hyde Park between the ages 5-13.

“A lot of our programs follow [Chicago Public Schools’] calendar,” said Blair Root, Out of School Time Program Director for the HPNC, 5480 S Kenwood Ave. “So when CPS is out of school for non major holidays, we are open for full day programming from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.”

Since the beginning of spring break, the organization has received over 35 participants a day, with programs emphasizing the arts, science, cooking, sensory activity and field trips. Thanks to a warm weather weekend and a beautiful forecast, the children were able to enjoy all outdoor events, including a picnic and several field trips throughout the community.

“Since it’s spring break, we want to get our kids out as much as possible,” Root said. “So Tuesday we visited 10 Pin Bowling alley, Wednesday we visited the Museum of Science and Industry, Thursday we visited Washington Park and Friday we had open gym.”

For information on the Hyde Park Neighborhood Club’s upcoming summer camp, visit or call 773-643-4062.