HP author celebrates book launch

Staff Writer

Hyde Park resident and group organizer of The Indie City Writers, K.B. Jensen, is celebrating the launch of her new book, “A Storm of Stories” at a May 7 book launch.

“A Storm of Stories” is four years in the making for Jensen, and is in a way, an experiment of her poetic side for the genre-hopping writer.

“I spend about a good two years writing a book, one year editing it and another year freaking out about it,” Jensen said.

Her latest novel explores the story of two characters who meet in an unexpected way during a winter storm, and centers around the stories they tell each other to pass the time as their situation escalates. It’s both suspenseful and almost whimsical by periodically being taken in and out of reality and imagination.

Jensen describes the theme of her book as “love, craziness and impossibility.”

“I started out thinking this was going to be a collection of short stories and kind of writing a story once a week,” she said. “But then it started evolving and I started writing a story that was wrapping it all together so I noticed a lot of themes coming up. There’s more cohesion to this than just a typical story collection.”

What’s personal for Jensen is some of the stories told within “A Storm of Stories,” in which she used her own experiences to tap into those stories buried within the novel. The main story takes place inside of a car, but the short stories told range from Canada to Denmark and even India.

To celebrate the release of her novel, Jensen is hosting a book launch party on Saturday, May 7 at 57th Street Books, 1301 E. 57th St., starting at 2 p.m. She will read and perform one of the short stories from her book and will sign copies of “A Storm of Stories,” which is available for purchase at the neighborhood bookstore.

“57th street books has been really supportive which is really nice,” Jensen said. “It’s great to be able to have a relationship with your local bookstore and support them and have them support you.”

Jensen also got a little help from her group, The Indie City Writers, who meet every Thursday at Treasure Island Foods, 1526 E. 55th St., to represent the writing scene on the South Side.

“Some of [The Indie City Writers] have read it. I workshopped some of it with them and they have given me feedback on it which has been really useful,” she said.

After four years, Jensen is ready to release her book into the hands of readers, but for her, her biggest concern is how and if her novel resonates with those who pick it up.

“I don’t really care about whether or not something sells I care about whether or not that it’s good,” she said.