Harper Square to host annual yard sale next Saturday


Herald Intern

Harper Square Cooperative, a mixed-income housing community at 4800-4850 S. Lake Park Ave., will hold its annual Yard Sale on Saturday, July 9 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Twenty-five families will sell items including art, books, electronics, clothing, shoes, jewelry, and kitchenware in the square’s courtyard.

According to resident Ione Graves, the cooperative is one of the most diverse and successful mixed income communities in the city and the most diverse in Hyde Park. She explained that while there are many such Co-ops in New York City, Chicago has very few.

The building’s yard sale began about ten years ago inside the building. It quickly became too crowded, and in more recent years has been moved outside

Graves emphasized the sale’s importance in fostering the Cooperative community’s relationship with the neighborhood. “I think it’s a good way for residents who participate to show people who live in the area the uniqueness of Harper Square,” she said.