MSI seeks to inspire future generations with “Above and Beyond” exhibit

Staff Writer

The Museum of Science and Industry (MSI) is commemorating a century of flight and aerospace exploration with a new exhibit that explores the past, present and future of space technology and air travel.

This year, Boeing is celebrating 100 years of innovation with the 5,000 square foot exhibit, which opened Oct. 4. The exhibit has interactive demonstrations like a simulated space elevator that guests can step into as well as test and design a supersonic fighter jet in a virtual competition or fly like a bird in a simulation that uses motion-sensing technology.

The exhibit is full of information to pique the interest of the entire family, but it’s the future generation of potential innovators that are the target audience for this particular exhibit.

“Hopefully we are inspiring the next generation of people that will be the engineers and designers for the future,” said Jeff Buonomo, manager of special exhibitions and business partnerships at MSI, 5700 S. Lake Shore Dr.

Charles Bickers, corporate communications director at Boeing, said the exhibit is all about getting kids excited and engaged in the design and engineering behind aerospace.

“We need kids going into science and technology for the future because for [the] next hundred years we are going to need kids who are really into this, love it and are inspired by it and want to embrace, science, technology and engineering for the future,” Bickers said. “They are the ones that are going to build whatever it is that will take us to Mars.”

The Above and Beyond exhibit runs through Jan. 8, 2017. Entry to the exhibit is included in with museum entry.