WhistleSTOP is worth reviving

To the Editor: 

Great that you support the revival of Whistle Stop. (I think I still have mine somewhere; I always have a whistle like it on my key chain!) I remember incidents where it really made a difference! The great thing about it is that people didn’t have to put themselves at risk to make that difference, If you heard a whistle you blew yours – and you could be in a safe place. And if you were near a phone (in those days before everyone had a phone in their pocket) you called 911 with your location.

It would be great if the U of C would distribute a good loud whistle to every incoming student and include instructions on this in Orientation Week info. Or failing that if we could raise some money to make sure all students have one! They’re most likely to be out on the streets at night and too many have been hurt or even killed by street crime.

This is worth reviving!

Joan Levin