Imagine there’s no input

To the Editor:

We write concerning your Oct. 19 coverage of the dedication of Yoko Ono’s Sky Landing sculpture on Wooded Island. It was a lavish event indeed, but your coverage neglected to note that it was by invitation only, that interested community members were turned away, and that numerous questions concerning how the installation was authorized, who paid for it and the like had not yet been answered.

As it happens, Park District Superintendent Mike Kelly answered some of those questions at the Oct. 18 monthly meeting of the Park District Board, saying that the sculpture had been donated by Yoko Ono and Project 120, and that the Park District owned it but would not pay for maintenance.

Another crucial question still left unanswered is what this portends for how the Park District will handle Project 120’s still outstanding and highly controversial proposal to build a pavilion/music venue close to the Wooded Island in Jackson Park. If the precedent has been established that you can arrange to have whatever project you wish put in place if you bring enough money to the table, will we wake up one morning to find that bulldozers are preparing the site for the pavilion, again without public input or participation?

Brenda Nelms
Margaret Schmid
Coordinators, Jackson Park Watch
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