Are we really improving Jackson Park?

To the Editor:

At a Museum of Contemporary Art concert a month ago, Tatsu Aoki advised attendees that he and his ensemble would be playing at the opening of Yoko Ono’s art installation in Jackson Park. He said it would be a gala affair, and advised potential attendees to arrive early because “thousands might be there.”

As a Hyde Park resident and neighbor of Jackson Park, I was anticipating this event. It was held on Oct. 17…”thousands” were not there. In fact, the community, as far as I know, was not alerted nor invited to the event. From post-installation coverage, it appeared that a select few were.

Now, rumor has it that a music pavilion is being considered for our park. Who is making these decisions about our park? I go there once/twice each week, summer and winter. I go because it is one of the few places I can enjoy nature and some tranquility on the South Side of Chicago. I go there to watch birds and be still.

The monies to be spent on the art and Wooded Island “improvement” and reportedly the music pavilion, are reportedly awe-inspiring. (I’ve heard the figure $29 million.) This in a city bereft (reportedly) of funds.

A large part of our park is being used by the presidential library. I hope more is not taken away.

By the way, I did visit the newly opened Wooded Island last week. It’s almost as nice as it was before Project 120.

And the sculpture? I’m a Yoko Ono fan (and probably a jaded curmudgeon) but to me it resembles Klansmen.

Bonnie Brendel