Theaster Gates’ Rebuild program to host auction of student work

Staff Writer

A local Chicago artist recently announced the launch of an initiative to train unemployed and underemployed people on the South Side of Chicago.

University of Chicago Arts Professor Theaster Gates, who is the founder of the Rebuild Foundation, recently launched Dorchester Industries, which falls under the umbrella of the Rebuild’s workforce development program. Through the initiative, contractors, master craftsmen and artists will work alongside residents of the South Side to provide instruction in building trades and the arts.

Those enrolled in the program get hands-on construction experience and will soon work to renovate vacant properties in Chicago. In addition to gaining experience in community restoration, trainees will also receive guidance from artists and artisans. Work produced by the participants will be sold, and the proceeds from those sales will support Rebuild’s commitment to, “culture-based, artist-led, neighborhood-driven community revitalization.”

On Saturday, Rebuild will be participating in an auction and a benefit for the Stony Island Arts Bank (SIAB), 6760 S. Stony Island Ave. The first class of participants from Dorchester Industries will sell their work. The auction will also feature work from Gates, Anselm
Kiefer, Eddie Peake, and Antony Gromley.

For the time of the event and more information call 312-857-5561.