Anti-Semitic posters found on U. of C. Campus

Staff Writer

Posters featuring a picture of Adolf Hitler, swastikas, and the slogan “No Degeneracy, No Tolerance, Hail Victory” were found on the University of Chicago’s (U. of C.) campus, Monday, Dec. 5.

The posters were found and removed immediately from multiple locations on campus Monday morning, said U. of C. spokesman, Jeremy Manier.

Neo-Nazi group Atomwaffen Division claimed credit on Twitter for the posters but the group’s association with any students, faculty or staff at the university has not been determined.

According to the 2016-2017 student manual, the university does not attempt to shield people or groups from ideas that they hold, but under certain circumstances any behavior that violates the university community’s standards will be addressed by the university.

The student manual states that, “The university may restrict expression that violates the law, that falsely defames a specific individual, that constitutes a genuine threat or harassment, that unjustifiably invades substantial privacy or confidentiality interests, or that is otherwise directly incompatible with the functioning of the university. In addition, the university may reasonably regulate the time, place, and manner of expression to ensure that it does not disrupt the ordinary activities of the university.”

U. of C. and the university police department are investigating the incident.