Arne Duncan buys new home in Hyde Park


Staff Writer

Former Secretary of Education Arne Duncan moved back to the Hyde Park neighborhood when he stepped down from his cabinet position last December. Now, he is making a move again, this time, to Kenwood Avenue near 56th Street.

Reports said that Duncan and his wife Karen are moving into a $1.3 million mid-1890s vintage two-story frame house that they purchased last month. The house sits next door to the home of Steven Levitt, University of Chicago economist and co-author of the popular “Freakonomics” book series.

Duncan, who also used to be the CEO of Chicago Public Schools (CPS), sends his children to neighboring school, the University of Chicago Laboratory School, 1362 E. 59th St., which is also where his wife works.

Hyde Park was also Duncan’s neighborhood growing up. He used to travel with his mom, Sue Duncan, to nearby Jackie Robinson Elementary School, 4225 S. Lake Park Ave., where she led a reading program.

Duncan also used to play basketball at Regents Park, 5050 S. Lake Shore Dr., with President Barack Obama, who at the time was a senator, and Craig Robinson, First Lady Michelle Obama’s brother and Milwaukee Bucks’ vice president of player and organizational development.

Since his announcement that he would no longer serve as Secretary of Education last year, Duncan has a new role as managing partner at Emerson Collective in Chicago, an organization dedicated to removing barriers to opportunity.

The organization focuses on immigration reform, social justice initiatives and education. Emerson Collective partnered with CPS for the Super School Project, in April, which was a national challenge to call for ideas on how to reimagine high school instruction to work with the 21st century global economy.