Hyde Park Target is missing the mark

To the Editor:?

While I welcome the resurgence of 53rd Street as a shopping and dining destination, there are certain enhancements I question. I guess I always envisioned that business vitality would take the form of a plethora of interesting, unique, independent small retail shops and restaurants. And, yes, I am a big fan of several of the new eateries – namely, The Promontory and Hyde Park Taco Station, both of which seem to embrace the diversity of our community and appeal to a broad spectrum of folks – all ages, all races, town and gown alike. But the new retail establishments seem to be dominated by nationals and just smaller boxes of Big Boxes. Oh, I’d like somewhere to buy shower curtains and bed linen; unfortunately that place is not our new mini Target. Aside from being housed in the most butt-ugly building in Hyde Park, it seems to offer just more of what we already have – fast food, packaged liquor, pharmaceuticals, and mass-market, run-of-the-mill commodities– more a glorified K-Mart than the Minneapolis-based Target where I have shopped and which offers basic durable goods at affordable prices. Then what did we expect they’d plop down in our neighborhood? I realize we’ve already chased away some of the more promising pop-ups, who were at least offering quality specialty product: Comfort Me, Red Balloon, etc. They tried out Hyde Park and Hyde Parkers cast their ballots – and, as the politicians are want to say, “Elections have consequences.” Or as my own son likes to say, “The peoples get what the peoples want.” So for all of you throwing yourselves and your dollars at the door of our new quasi Target, you need to know you are voting and your votes do count.

Nancy Stanek,
Owner of Toys et Cetera for 41 years
Hyde Park resident for 54 years