Keep parkland open to the public

To the Editor:

I am opposed to the embellishment of the golf courses in Jackson Park. The land that will be taken from the park for the use of a tiny green segment of the community goes against the grain of park use, which is there for the use of the greater segment of the community. The money which will be used can be put to much better use instead by putting together youth and after school programs which will bring young people to the parks for energetic, healthful, constructive programs which will build on their futures in hopeful ways.

I am still seething that the President’s library is being built in Jackson Park when there is so much other vacant land available. It is important that commercial and institutional programs that use land for things other than recreation and artistic purposes be stopped. Golf takes up huge amounts of land for the use by relatively small numbers of people. Parks need to be open for the uses of all at little or no cost. It is why taxes are paid. There are some who believe that status and money gives them privilege to take parkland and use it for personal purposes. That is sacrilegious.

Alfred D. Klinger