Indivisible South Side travels to Morgan Park to meet with Bobby L. Rush

Protestors from the Chicago chapters of the Indivisible Institute march in front of U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush’s (D-1) office, 11750 S. Western Ave., Thursday, Feb. 23.

Tonia Hill


Staff Writer

Indivisible Chicago – South Side a Hyde Park-based chapter of the Indivisible national movement joined Indivisible Illinois 1st and Indivisible South Suburban for the “Indivisible Chicago City Wide Call to Action” Thursday morning, Feb. 23, right outside of U.S. Rep. Bobby L. Rush’s (D-1) district office in Morgan Park 11750 S. Western Ave.

The group of protestors consisted of more than 150 people from Hyde Park, Beverly, Morgan Park and the South Suburbs. They were there to call on Rush to show up to vote in Congress, fight the appointment of Steve Bannon the National Security Council (NSC) and oppose the House Resolution 861, a proposal to eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Josh B. Fox, an organizer for Indivisible South Side, was impressed with the turnout and said it shows that people are ready and willing to resist President Donald Trump’s administration.

“People are fired up. The idea that people are going to settle down and stop showing up and being upset I think that’s going to be proven wrong again and again,” Fox said. “This nonsense that comes out of the White House is just going to keep renewing people’s energy to fight.”

Protestors claim that Rush has the third worst voting record in Congress.

Tamara McDonough, Hyde Park resident, joined the call to action to urge Rush to represent those he serves.

“He’s missed almost 80 percent of his votes this year alone, and every vote is important,” McDonough said.

Hyde Park resident Betsy Rubin, from Indivisible South Side, mirrored McDonough’s view of Rush.

“I think that Rep. Rush has the right stance on things but he is not showing up in Congress he’s not voting and we need his voice,” Rubin said.

Mercedes Warren, Hyde Park resident, said it’s crucial for Rush to vote now more than ever.

Protestors from the Chicago chapters of the Indivisible Institute tape signed forms outlining their concerns on the windows of of U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush’s (D-1) office, 11750 S. Western Ave., Thursday, Feb. –

Photo courtesy of Indivisible


“We need him to show up and vote,” Warren said. “There are important votes that involve the whole country the whole planet really and he needs to get there and vote.”

The protest in Morgan Park occurred simultaneously with other Indivisible chapters across the state that held demonstrations and or rallies representing congressional districts statewide according to Chad Fitzgerald organizer from Indivisible Chicago.

“Every congressman will get to see Indivisible today,” Fitzgerald said.

The aim of today’s protest was to meet with Rush face-to-face and to drop off signed authorization forms from each protestor which outlined their concerns about Steve Bannon’s role in the NSC, the EPA, and Rush’s voting record.

Rush did not show up.

For a moment it appeared that members of Rush’s staff would allow each person in the group to come into the building to drop off their form, but that did not happen, according to Wendy Posner an organizer with Indivisible South Side.

Instead, the group taped their forms to the outside of Rush’s district office.

Members of all three groups expressed interest in attending Rush’s forum Thursday night that will be centered on anti-immigrant policies and propaganda under the Trump administration.

The forum will be held at 5:30 p.m. at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), 10 W. 35th St.

Fox said Indivisible South Side is prepared to speak at tonight’s forum.