Everyone who is entitled to vote should be allowed to vote

To the Editor: 

I would first like to thank all of the election judges who work so hard on Election Day. I take my responsibilities both as a voter and as Fourth Ward Committeeman seriously, and I am grateful to our friends and neighbors who are willing to spend a very long day at the polls as judges of election.

Last week the Hyde Park Herald ran a Letter to the Editor about a voter being denied the right to vote at a Fourth Ward polling place. He had moved out of the Fourth and into the Fifth Ward two weeks prior to the election and was incorrectly told by the election judge that as a result, he could not vote at the Fourth Ward polling place. By chance, I met him outside the polling place and he relayed his story to me.

I did not know the voter in question. But I believe that everyone who is entitled to vote should be allowed to vote. When I went back into the polling place with him and explained that he was eligible to vote there within 30 days of moving, he was then allowed to vote. According to the Board of Elections Handbook, page 38:

“A voter who has moved within 30 days prior to the election and still resides within the State of Illinois” may complete an affidavit and vote.

I will send a copy of the Board of Elections Handbook to the election judge so that she is aware of all the unusual circumstances that sometimes arise on Election Day.

Toni Preckwinkle