Akiba-Schecter Jewish Day School fails health inspection

Staff Writer

Akiba-Schechter Jewish Day School, 5235 S. Cornell Ave., failed its March 17, food inspection due to the absence of a chemical sanitizer kit according to documents from the Chicago Department of Public Health.

Public Health officials said the school cafeteria did not have the chemical sanitizer test kit available during the inspection. Public Health Officials instructed management to provide the test kit for proper sanitizer concentration in a three-compartment sink.

School officials at Akiba-Schechter say strips from the sanitizer kit were simply misplaced, but found.

A Public Health spokeswoman said the school will be inspected again on Friday, March 24, and at that time the school must have the chemical test kit available. The cafeteria at the school is not currently closed.

A test kit accurately measures the concentration in part per million of the sanitizing solution that should be available and used.