Antheus Capital refutes claims of financial struggles

Antheus Capital, parent company of MAC Properties, has refuted claims that they are having financial struggles.

In 2007, Antheus Capital, parent company of MAC Properties, took out a loan for more than $123 million through LaSalle Bank to fund the purchase of 43 buildings from K & G Management LLC. Last week, Crain’s Chicago Business reported that non-payment of the loan, which was set to mature at the end of the month, and the selling of the East Park Tower, 5242 S. Hyde Park Blvd., was a sign of potential financial problems for Antheus. Antheus, refuted Crain’s claims.

According to Peter Cassel, director of community development for MAC Property Management, a new lender has acquired Antheus’ previous loan, which has allowed the New Jersey-based development firm to repay the previous lender and continue to take care of its Hyde Park properties.

“We’ve done this several times over the years,” Cassel said. “This is business as usual.”