Kenwood High School failed health inspection

Staff Writer

Kenwood Academy High School, 5015 S. Blackstone Ave., failed its health inspection last Friday, March 24 and today Friday, March 31 according to public documents.

Kenwood Academic Center (formerly Canter Middle School), 4959 S. Blackstone Ave., was also under review by the health department last week. They too failed an inspection, but made the necessary changes and passed their inspection on Friday.

Last week, Public Health officials observed mice droppings in the school cafeteria, on the floor in the corner of the vending machine storage in the lunchroom, on the floor in the electrical closet in the lunchroom, teachers lounge, and a few other spots in the school near restrooms, the gym, and classrooms.

Public health officials requested that the school call an exterminator for service and to clean and sanitize all area. Other observations noted in the inspection are the absence of hot/tempered water for some of the student and faculty restrooms in the building. Officials requested that the school provide hot/tempered water at the washbowls for proper hand washing.

The school was given until today, to correct previous violations, according to the report from today the school did not fix the issues, which resulted in another, failed inspection.

The school has until June to address other code violations in the report that includes properly cleaning the interior of the ice machine in the kitchen, cleaning the floor under equipment electric closets and storage areas, replacing missing ceiling tiles, repairing the ceiling, and more.

The school has failed two other inspections since 2011.