U. of C. students to release a list of demands in response to discriminatory acts on campus

Staff Writer

University of Chicago (U. of C.) students under UChicago United, which is a coalition of multi-cultural organizations at U. of C., will hold a rally tomorrow, May 19, at Edward Levi Hall 5801 S. Ellis Ave.

The coalition is calling on the university to create an inclusive environment for minority students at U. of C.

Specific demands from the group will be released at the rally and serve as the launch of the coalition’s campaign in supporting marginalized students.

The rally will include speakers from organizations including: Movimiento Estudiantil Chicanx de Aztlán (MEChA) de UChicago, the Organization of Black Students (OBS), PanAsia Solidarity Coalition (PanAsia), Muslim Students Association (MSA), Arab Students Association (ASA), African Caribbean Students Association (ACSA), and the Organization of Latin American Students (OLAS).

According to UChicago United, “the current campus climate which fails to adequately support students of marginalized backgrounds and identities, said in a written release. “This coalition has formed to address a larger political climate that is epitomized in continuous occurrences of racist, discriminatory, and exclusionary acts within the UChicago community. UChicago United urges the university to treat the following events with the gravity they merit by offering affected students resources and pursuing disciplinary and/or legal action.”

The coalition cites three incidents on campus that it claims, “reflect the toxic and exclusionary atmosphere that minority students regularly face.”

Incidents on campus include the racist flyers that had anti-Semitic, racist, and homophobic messaging and were discovered on March 10.

According to a March 30 article in the Herald, Matthew Urbanik, 21, of Schaumburg, Ill., was named as the individual caught putting up offensive posters on the U. of C. campus

U. of C. police found Urbanik with spray paint and posters. At the time he was warned and told that he could be banned from the campus for his actions but was released.

Urbanik was charged with one count of Felony Criminal Damage to Property.

UChicago Coalition claims the university has not offered “any substantive reform or university policies nor support for campus members.”

Also, mentioned regarding incidents on campus include a party with an offensive and racist theme that was to be held on Friday, May 5, by the Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity. Students from MEChA discussed their concerns with a member of the fraternity and were told that the theme would be changed, but other fraternity members attended the party in costumes related to the theme.

On May, 12, the coalition said flyers were posted on campus that had racist messaging and referring to Palestinians and those in support of Palestinians human rights and Arabs and Muslims.

The rally will begin at noon on Friday.