Closing Cornell Drive for the Obama Presidential Center is a huge mistake

To the Editor:

This letter is written in response to your request for reader’s thoughts concerning the closing of Cornell Drive in order to build the Obama Presidential Center. I think it would be a huge mistake! The center would/will be wonderful, but not at the expense of the ability of residents and others to move around the Southside area that would be affected.

I can’t imagine how it would work having Lake Shore Drive traffic at the Museum of Science & Industry being directed onto Stony Island Avenue and vice versa, especially in the morning and evening rush hours. Included also would be traffic from the Museum and the Obama Library.

People who travel and live on the south side and in the suburbs will soon come to hate the library and the Obamas. Once the word gets around, people won’t want to come to the museum or the Obama Library if it becomes a traffic nightmare!

There are also other concerns… [Editor’s Note: Mr. Pinkney mailed the Herald this letter along with news articles regarding the Obama Center and the Jackson Park/South Shore golf course expansion.]

After all is said and done, if the golf course becomes a reality, how many people will actually use it! Not many I think and none in the winter. My advice to Mr. Obama and his architects is leave Cornell Drive alone!

John Pinkney