Kenwood alums help fund summer math program

Staff Writer

The Kenwood Alumni Network (KAN) of Kenwood Academy High School, 5015 S. Blackstone Ave., stepped in to assist in funding an accelerated summer math course for Chicago Public Schools (CPS).

The course, which will take place at the school, will last until early next month and includes accelerated Algebra and Geometry.

Timothy Miller, president of KAN, and Danielle McDaniels, chairwoman of the Parent Advisory Council (PAC) at Kenwood, said they were in conversation with Kenwood Principal Dr. Gregory Jones about needs for the school throughout the school year. The summer school math program was one of the needs expressed by Jones said the pair.

Budget woes have plagued the district over the last few years, which has impacted programming, and services that are offered at schools throughout the academic year and during the summer months.

“It [the accelerated math course] condenses the course,” Miller said. “It gives you a greater concentration in a smaller timeframe allowing the students throughout the school year to concentrate on other aspects that may create greater opportunities for them.”

Students will also receive credit for the course over the summer.

Kenwood will welcome 90 students in varying grades from high schools across the city that are participating in the program.

McDaniels said that the school is also considering having the program extend throughout the academic year.

She said having the program in the fall “depends on the CPS budget and if there are teachers [available] to teach.”

The funds provided to the summer math program were raised during the high school’s annual all-class reunion that was held last August.

KAN has also helped to support some programs and needs for Kenwood. For example, KAN assisted in sending 60 students on a West Coast college tour.

The money that was contributed by KAN helped to lower the costs for students that attended the tour. Three students who went on the tour are now students at the schools on the west coast.

The football team was in need of new uniforms, and the alumni network helped to purchase new uniforms for the team.

“It’s our pleasure to give back to the school,” McDaniels said. “We went to Kenwood our kids go here. We’re trying to instill in [students] that they don’t have to wait until they graduate to give back to their school. If they start now, it leaves the school a better place.”