Economic gain from golf course unlikely


To the Editor:

The individuals touting the Tiger Woods Golf Course claim that this proposal will bring economic gains to the surrounding communities. I doubt this.

I look at the Museum of Science & Industry for a comparison to this claim. I have no doubt that it provides a great deal of economic benefits to the City of Chicago but as a long time resident of Hyde Park I believe it provides little benefit to the Hyde Park community.

Those visiting the museum by car, park in the areas provided by the museum or the Chicago Park District not the surrounding streets. Those arriving by CTA and Metra go directly from the stop that is closest to the museum and do not wander the surrounding community.

There is no gas station available for them to purchase needed fuel. The restaurants closest to the museum do not receive any customers from any of these visitors. i.e. Piccolo Mundo, Salonika’s or Bar Louie. There are no souvenir or curio shops for them to shop in.

I also wonder how many of the museum’s employees actually reside in Hyde Park, South Shore or Woodlawn.

If those visiting the Museum of Science & Industry fail to visit the Hyde Park community I find it incredulous that they would wander down 71st Street.

Michael Hoke