Why are these inferior tank cars being allowed to travel through a populated area?


To the Editor:

The egregious risk of hundreds of oil tank cars rolling through the center of our neighborhood, is clearly laid out by Dr. [Alfred] Klinger [See Letters to the Editor in the 7-19-17 issue of the Herald]. The threat is further exacerbated by tank cars that are not explosion proof, even though the superior tank car technology exists. The Canadian National Railroad is also guilty of failing to upgrade their tank cars.

In 1891, Marcus Samuels, contracted by Paris Rothschilds, ordered tankers that allowed for expansion and contraction at different temperatures, this minimizing the risk of explosion.

“Lloyds of London rated Samuels’ new tanker design safe.”

January 5, 1892, the Suez Canal gave its official approval to passage, for tankers built according to Marcus Samuels’ new design.

John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Tankers had already been refused permits for passage through the Suez Canal, due to inferior tankers.

This is 2017, why are these inferior tank cars being issued permits and allowed to travel through a populated area?

Kathie Newhouse