Kenwood to host girl’s softball camp

Staff Writer

The Kenwood Academy High School girl’s soft ball team hosted its first ever “Soft Ball Fundamentals Camp” for girls ages 15-18, on Monday, July 24 at Kenwood Park, 1330 E. 50th St.

“If you don’t have the fundamentals down, you can’t really advance at what you are doing,” said Kamillah Lucas, junior and captain of the Kenwood girl’s softball team. “Today we broke down the importance of catching and throwing.”

The event, which will run from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. July 24-28, will teach participants the importance of fundamentals in the areas of catching, throwing, fielding, and hitting in the sport of softball. 

Lucas said the camp will also be used as a recruiting tool to help improve the roster.

“Today we had seven girls [who participated],” Lucas said. “They were made up of junior varsity and varsity girls of the softball team.”

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